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Our areas of intervention

Support for indigenous peoples and local communities
Sustainable management of forests and other natural resources
Climate change
Training and capacity building


Preparing for the Implementation of the Nationally Determined Contribution in Cameroon 5 years after its Adoption: What is the Outcome? / Préparation de la mise en œuvre de la Contribution Déterminée au niveau National au Cameroun 5 années après son adoption : quel bilan ?

Français plus bas Cameroon has engaged in the revision of its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) within a context where the IPCC, in its last report of August 9, 2021, which shows that greenhouse gas emissions due to human activities have increased temperatures of around 1.1 ° C since the period...

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For a sustainable oil palm production in Cameroon: the imperative need to adopt and implement a sustainable national strategy for palm oil production / Pour une production durable de l’huile de palme au Cameroun : l’impérative nécessité d’adopter et de mettre en œuvre une stratégie nationale durable de production de l’huile de palme

Cameroon has since 2014 been engaged in the elaboration of a national Oil Palm Strategy that respects social and environmental norms. Seven years later, the validation and implementation of this strategy document is still pending. Meanwhile, throughout the national territory, there is a huge demand for land for the creation...

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Recruitment of a Consultant to Identify and Analyse the Legal and Institutional Barriers to the Participation of Cameroonian CSO in Policies and Decisions related to Natural Resource Management/ Recrutement d’un consultant pour identifier et analyser les barrières juridiques et institutionnelles de la participation des OSC camerounaises aux politiques et décisions relatives à la gestion des ressources naturelles

GDA seeks the services of a consultant to conduct an assessment of existing institutional and legal barriers on CSO involvement in policy and decision making on NRM and to develop a proposed action plan that addresses the identified legal and institutional barriers to CSOs involvement in policy and decision making...

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