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I am currently a student at the Faculty of Tourism (ESTHUA) at the University of Angers, where I started my Master's degree in International Hospitality Management. De nombreuses options (18 en licence, 11 en master), des conférences métiers, des cours en ligne (SPOC) et un dispositif d’accompagnement à la réussite permettent aux étudiants de construire progressivement un programme de formation individualisé en adéquation avec leur projet professionnel. 1998 - 2003. var M17197789792786222="scolarite.esthua"; div.parentNode.insertBefore(a, div); Email : scolarite.esthua @ @ 2000 - 2003. The university of Angers has strived to be a welcoming place for its students for over 10 years, to help them refine their career goals and to reach their potential. var div = document.getElementById('M1182222130911963'); This Master’s programme leads to senior level positions in the international hospitality industry across a range of organizations and sectors – from international hotels and restaurants to events companies, cruise ships, airports, casinos, thalassotherapy centres, theme parks…: Front office supervisor, Housekeeping supervisor, Guest services manager, Director of hotel operations, Catering manager, Restaurant manager, F&B manager, Events manager, Executive conference manager, Public relations coordinator, Sales manager, Marketing director, Revenue manager, HRM manager, Communication manager…, Email : marie-christine.bonneau @ (marie-christine.bonneau @, Parcours Anglophone international hospitality management, Obligatoire (2 internships (4 months as part of Year One, 5 to 6 months as part of Year Two)), Tél : 02 44 68 81 00 - 7 allée F. Mitterrand - BP 40455 - 49004 Angers Cedex 01. Applicants will then be invited for a face-to-face interview in English. The city is in the heart of the Loire Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Are you eager to upgrade your knowledge and professional skills in hospitality management? The internationalisation of courses and confrontation with various business and cultural environments mean that students are well-prepared for the global labour market. It will never be the same activities from one day to the next. M34312995072693575 +="@"; ESTHUA, Angers, FRANCE Master's Degree in Management. UFR ESTHUA Tourisme et Culture UFR ESTHUA Tourisme et Culture Master Tourism and Event Management. If the image is not clear enough, you can refresh the page. 2000 - 2003. // -->, Email : dominique.peyrat-guillard @ (dominique.peyrat-guillard @, 7 allée François MitterrandBP 4045549004 Angers Cedex 01 Tél : 02 44 68 81 00 - 7 allée F. Mitterrand - BP 40455 - 49004 Angers Cedex 01 Fax : 02 44 68 81 01, Email : scolarite.esthua @ (scolarite.esthua @

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