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Each Contrada (17) has their own museum, which contains many historical and artistic pieces, representing the history of the Contrada and Siena. The support for the program comes from our own on-site personnel and other professionals who we know personally and have worked with for many years.    Casato: Grandstand Seats, Balcony Seats, Private Windows (each suitable for up to 4 persons) (UK) – Palio July 2015, ” All the hotels were outstanding, the transfers you arranged were perfect and the entire 3 days at the Palio were off the charts! And if a horse is unable to run, the Contrada does not receive a replacement; so the trial races are not run at full speed for the entire 3 laps. Two race dates to consider: July 2 or August 16. Any necessary Balance Payments will be due February 1st (July Palio) or March 1st (August Palio) or other dates as specified for your reservation. Soyez les premiers à savoir quand les billets de Palio di Siena sont en vente ! The location is a private house (see also regulations) with a wonderfull  balcony overlooking Piazza del Campo, located  in the most spectacular point of the race Curva San Martino. Your tickets are valid for the rescheduled race. Rooms in the package are with Standard Double w/ garden view; upgrades are subject to availability at the time of our request. Afterwards they will proceed to their own neighborhood church and for more celebrations. On the day of the race (July 2 or August 16) the ‘horse blessings’ begin at about 2:30pm (2pm in August) in the respective churches of each Contrada. Le Palio de Sienne est l'une des plus célèbres célébrations historiques italiennes au monde. Our tickets are offered in each of the 4 areas of the campo. There is no official box office for the Palio horces race tickets; tickets are purchased directly from those who organize the stands or own  the private terraces and balcony. If the July 2 or August 16 race is rescheduled to a date in the same year, your Tickets are also valid for the rescheduled race. Our 5 night package begins June 28th or August 12th. une ville magnifique même sans cette fête. Unfortunately, discounts for Palio tickets are not able to be offered for children. lost in the regular mail; forgotten at home). Event Cancellations: In the case of rain (sufficient the impair the conditions of the race track), the Palio race will be rescheduled to run on the following day. There are no refunds if you are not able to attend any rescheduled race. A green flag will be hung on the front of Palazzo Pubblico to advise the public and the race will be run on the following day, weather conditions permitting. Arrive and check in to your hotel in Siena. The main piazza in Siena, comely known as ‘Il Campo’ is still used twice a year for the well known and very ancient Palio horse race. Known to the Sienese as the ‘Cena Prova Generale‘, each of the 10 Contrada who will participate in the race will hold and invitation-only dinner in Siena the night before (thus on either July 1st or August 15th). Priced from Euro 1.310,00 per person, double occupancy, Additional Nights: + Euro 120,00 per person. Later, in the evening, the first trial race (Prova) is held. Details of these taxes will be included in your reservation confirmation invoice. Historical palazzo, considered a superior 3-star with a garden and countryside view. Breakfast, free WiFi and hotel parking are included. Also please note for various reasons, trial race tickets are generally not in the same location as your Palio Tickets (read more details below). TICKETS Souscrire à l'alerte Billet. Priced From: Euro 1.380,00 per person, double occupancy, Additional Nights: + Euro 130,00 per person, Includes reserved Grand Seats – Other Ticket options can be found on the Reservation Page. Actual Palio Tickets for the race and tickets for the Contrada dinner will be given to you in Siena. Between the wine, the food and the friendliest of atmospheres, you will surely begin to understand how the Palio is more than just a horse race. This colorful pageantry is followed by the most famous horse race in all of Italy – Palio di Siena. Due to the special nature of the Palio period, once settled, the horse race Palio tickets are not refundable regardless the cancellation date. PROGRAM OF THE DAY Priced from Euro 2.710,00 per person, double occupancy, Includes reserved Grandstand Seats – Other Ticket options can be found on the Reservation Page. For Trial Race tickets we have our exclusive apartment/windows in the Mossa or the Casato. The Company reserves the right to cancel the Wine Tour option at any time if sufficient reservations are not received or for other unforeseen reasons that impair the success or enjoyment of either activity as part of any Palio Package. The guide on the museum tour revealed lots of insights that we’d never have gotten to know if we’d have done it alone … “, ” … Really appreciated your time & knowledge. Later, in the evening you will have the opportunity to attend one of the Contrada banquet dinners (cena prova generale), the invitation only dinners where the many members and supporters for each Contrada will dine al fresco in their own neighborhood within the historical city. No refunds are made for unused portions of any reservation, including but not limited to missed meals, missed guided tours, Tickets, or non-use of hotel room or property rental. They are only offered for the purpose of selling tickets for the trial races and the final race where ticket holders can then watch the race from the windows or balconies of the apartment. Genova 380216 Reg. Eventually the winning Contrada will make their way back to their own neighborhood to continue their celebrations. Since horses who may have won previous Palio can be in the lot of 10 horses, their assignment to a particular Contrada is considered a great start to the festival for those Contrada who are so fortunate – even without such fortune, the excitement and or emotions of the Contrada members are on full display in the campo for all to see during this critical moment. No. Billets pour le Palio - First Choice Visant à promouvoir un type de tourisme qui soit au même temps conscient et soutenable, le Siena Info Point vous offre la possibilité de vivre une expérience complète de la séculaire tradition que les habitants ont gardée dans leur cœur si longtemps - le Palio. ..”, ” …Thank you so much for the arrangements you made for us; We loved every minute we had in Siena, it was a magical few days..”, ” We thoroughly enjoyed both the Palio which was a magical experience and the whole stay, particularly the contrada dinner. Our package also included a contract dinner, church blessing etc. ” … exact way we like to travel; (just) enough guidance to really enjoy the experience… the event far surpassed anything we could have imagined.. EPIC!”, ” …thank you for EVERYTHING you did for one of the most amazing experiences my wife and I have ever had! Yes, there are defined pay-to-park (blue line) areas and also pay-to-park covered parking garages around the perimeter of the historical city. Please see the Terms & Conditions section for specific policies on hotel cancellations. Hotel parking is extra (Euro 45 / daily) and paid directly to the hotel. Only a small number of rooms to provide a boutique 4-star hotel in the historical center. The dinners are by invitation only (you cannot arrive in Siena and simply walk up to purchase a ticket). Hotel Santa Caterina *** Just outside the historic city walls at Porta Romana, its location still offers easy walking distance to the city center, plus beautiful views of the Tuscan countryside from the private garden. Witness the  unique and popular Palio horse race, live the intense vibe of the famous  Palio of Siena. It is recommended that clients arrange travel insurances for medical, personal, property, or cancellation. Below we have outlined the activities relating to the event over the four day period and how you can enjoy them as a part of your own reservation Hotel/Ticket Package. The Il Palio Di Sienna Ticket Guarantee We provide a quick and easy way to purchase cheap Il Palio Di Sienna tickets. Travel Insurance Protection: To cover costs associated with your reservation, the Company encourages you to consider purchasing a travel insurance policy. Informativa: la finalità della raccolta dei dati è unicamente l'invio di informazioni e promozioni su prodotti e servizi, anche da parte dei nostri partner commerciali; i dati saranno conservati in archivi cartacei e/o memorizzati su archivi magnetici; è Suo diritto non conferire tutti o alcuni dei dati richiesti e chiedere la rettifica o cancellazione degli stessi. Billet coupe-file : visite à pied du Dôme de Sienne et de la ville 218 avis Sienne abrite tellement d'art et d'architecture qu'il peut être difficile de savoir par où commencer. Rooms in our package are Superior w/ city view; upgrades are also available, subject to availability at the time of your request. The Palio in Siena is held twice a year; on July 2 and August 16 (no matter the day of the week). Please see the Terms & Conditions section for specific policies regarding Grand Continental reservations. Hotel Athena **** Offers in-house restaurant and rooftop terrace for countryside views. Our rooms are hotel style; apartment style units are also available, subject to availability. Breakfast included and free Wifi in lobby areas; hourly charges for room internet service. With Grandstand seats we suggest to visit your favorite bar and cafe to enjoy a pre-race drink and or snack; as well as take car of any bathroom needs. Tickets to the trial races and the assignment of the horses (Tratta) are not included in the Base Package, but can be added. After May 29th we must resell the entire package (hotel and Tickets) in order to provide a refund. Certain Balcony locations do provide some drink refreshment and or food items or snacks, depending on the particular balcony; however, the drink options are limited usually to sodas and or water and juices; no alcohol is served or allowed to be brought in.    Fonte Gaia: Grandstand Seats, Balcony Seats (and Balcony Standing), Private Windows (each suitable for up to 3 persons) palio siena 2021, tickets for the palio Witness the unique and popular Palio horse race, live the intense vibe of the famous Palio of Siena. Thank you for a lovely and memorable holiday. Corteo Storico before the Palio race. Borgo Grondaie *** B&B style property is outside the historical city near the Siena train station. We do not utilize grandstand seat tickets located in the area of San Martino, since it is exposed to the sun during the time of the 2 1/2 hour parade that precedes the race (the other 3 areas are in the shade.) The location is a private house,see also regulations, with a wonderfull  balcony overlooking Piazza del Campo, located  in the most spectacular point of the race Curva San Martino. This schedule may override any that exists or that is generally provided by the hotel. Relais degli Angeli is a minimum 4 night package. Please review in our Transportation Services tab. For balconies we offer both seated as well as standing positions. Gardez à l’esprit, cependant, qu’il n’est pas toujours facile de trouver des billets. If there is rain on the day of the Palio (July 2nd or August 16), making the track conditions not suitable to run the race, then the race will be rescheduled for the next day (July 3rd or August 17) or even the day after if necessary. The race is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. in July and at 7 p.m. in August. – 16128 Genova tel 010 2345666 – fax 010 2465422, Autorizzazione della Provincia di Genova n°205/40078 del 09/06/2000. PRICES AND CANCELLATIONS Tickets for a respective Trial Race can be honored on the mornning or evening race the day after a cancellation, subject to availabilities. This is the reason why prices can change, significantly according to availbility. The race is run (3 laps) in a clockwise direction around the piazza on the clay “track” that is layed down in the campo a few days before the race. With either (apartments or balcony) access to a restroom is either directly in the adjoining space or just outside the space. You will be informed either prior or on your arrival in Siena as to which Contrada dinner you will attend. The services includes private A/C vehicle, English speaking driver, all road tolls, fuel and taxes. The dinner while of course festive is also a way to raise money to support the financial needs of the Contrada. There is no particular “dress code” for any of the functions/activities.  It is basically casual clothing and according to the weather and tempature. In each category you have “Standard” (away from the start/finish line) and “Start Line” (in the area of the Start/Finish line). - INSTRUCTIONS POUR LES JOURS DU PALIO - par Michel Vigot. The hotel was delightful and everything was well organised. The Palio festival, in both July and August, is actually over 4 days. The Company is not responsible for third party cancellations for any reason due to unforeseen circumstances (such as war, civil disturbance, terrorism or pandemic) and or other international events beyond its control. 4 night minimum required. Full payment is required for reservations made in the same calendar year as the Palio you wish to attend. In total, the event is held over 4 days. After the race by tradition, the winning Contrada will leave in celebration from the campo to go first the Church of Provenzano (July race) or the Duomo (August race). For those who want to truly understand the unique pageantry and history of this one-of-a-kind event, we offer our Palio Hotel Ticket Packages. This 17 century palazzo has been restored to its original beauty, offering its own in-house restaurant and rooftop terrace and wine bar. Breakfast, free Wi-Fi; SAT TV included. The horse blessings are a featured activity with your package; however, a ticket is in fact not actually needed to witness a horse blessing. With either ticket (seated or standing) the positions are assigned – in other words if you decide to leave your position and for instance step inside the adjoining apartment or shop you will not loose your position on the balcony to someone else. Payments can be made by direct credit card (VISA, M/C, AMEX) or by Euro Bank Transfer or for U.S. customers only via the ZELLE bank transfer system. There are no hotels in Siena that overlook the campo. We booked balcony tickets and a hotel stay with Palio Tours ( who I would recommend. OK, Germany 10th Sep 2017. During the Palio, only through a special reservation request can one access these museum treasures. Once your reservation is fully paid, a detailed ticket information package will be emailed to you, listing all the necessary Siena contact information, ticket vouchers, plus (if determined) the pick up location. We back each Il Palio Di Sienna ticket purchase with our 100% Guarantee. The Palio di Siena horse race is an iconic event marked in Tuscany’s cultural calendar twice every year. Located in Chianti, the property offers outdoor and indoor pools, sauna and exercise facilities. Please ask us for details on these options. For more details on ticket locations read the question/answer above. View our options allowing you to to stay in the heart of the city! Our ticket positions are in the shaded sections of the campo. - LE PALIO - Est-ce que vous chercher des billets pour la course du Palio? City Taxes (a/k/a “visitor’s taxes”), now required in most major Italian cities, are separate and paid by you directly to the hotel. Our primary rooms are Deluxe Double and subject to availability. Within each area, there are 3 categories of tickets: 1) Balcony Seats, Grandstand Seats and Windows. Inside the historical city walls. The setting for each dinner is outdoors in a special street or piazza within the respective Contrada (district). The package begins June 28 (for the July Palio) or August 12 (for the August Palio). Hotel parking is included. Le Palio Réservez les meilleures places grâce au plan de salle interactif et recevez vos billets immédiatement en E-ticket Ticketmaster France Our tour guides and or company representatives will be at the dinner(s) we choose to attend. This is the reason why prices can change, significantly according to availbility. The Palio is internationally famous and one of the best loved Italian events. A visual of the 4 general descriptive ticket locations in the Campo can be seen in the photo provided under “Ticket Locator” tab. Daily breakfast, free WiFi (and hotel parking) are included. For any transfer, extra wait time is calculated at 50 per hour, either during the transfer service or while awaiting delayed flight arrivals. Palio Ticket, Siena's Palio Horse Race, SIENNE, Palio di Siena, Guide to the Palio horse race organized by the Comune of Siena, information, curiosità, Siena’s Palio guidebook. Yes – Balconies or individual windows can be reserved for private use; naturally it depends on the size of your group. Please note, however, Our Palio Special Event Package, (“Package”) is NOT an Escorted Group Tour. Hotel parking is extra (Euro 45 / daily); paid directly to the hotel. Typically this day offers your Siena city tour, including an exclusive visit to one of the Contrada museum (morning and afternoon times are scheduled). For Deposit Reservations made with an initial direct credit card deposit payment, the Balance Payment will automatically be charged to the credit card provided, unless the reservation is otherwise cancelled or notice is given to use an alternate form of payment. If the credit card on file is not found to be valid at the time of the Balance Payment, the reservation is subject to cancellation according to the terms found below (Customer Cancellations). A centrally located residence offers elegantly styled rooms with fresco ceilings. General Conditions & Disclaimers: Confirmation and payment of any reservation constitutes acceptance of the financial agreements between the Company and the Customer and the provisions of this agreement are in effect. So there is the exhibition of the mounted Carabinieri in Piazza del Campo followed by the historical parade (about 2 hours long) and finally the  Palio race itself. There are 6 trial races (prova) during the 4 Days of the Palio. Of course take an opportunity to explore the city and all its medieval charm. Mid-day provides our optional Chianti Wine tour with a visit and lunch to an historical winery near Siena. The Company assumes no responsibility or liability for any claims, damages, expenses or other financial loss, whether to person or property, arising from, but not limited to, injury, accident, death, delay, alteration or inconvenience, by whatever cause, including airline scheduling, default, strike, terrorism, war, hostility, civil disturbance, quarantine, pandemic or resulting directly or indirectly from any other acts of nature. Visant à promouvoir un type de tourisme qui soit au même temps conscient et soutenable, le Siena Info Point vous offre la possibilité de vivre une expérience complète de la séculaire tradition que les habitants ont gardée dans leur cœur si longtemps - le Palio. Prices and cancellations Offers a private pool, hotel room or apartment style accommodations. R.E.A. These celebitory actions are not “closed” to the public. Our rooms are hotel style; apartment style units are also available, subject to availability. Le Palio a lieu le 2 Juillet et la revanche se dispute le 16 août. Located outside of Siena in the Chianti countryside, the property is fully restored from its medieval orgins, offering an on-sight restaurant, daily breakfast, free WiFi (hotel parking), as well as outdoor and indoor pools, sauna and exercise facilities. Their cost is extra (cost details below). Typically the seats are in the form or individual chairs or in some cases benches and are placed in front of a step-up bench used for the standing positions. Imprese di Genova 33447/99 C.F./P.I. You have to see it once in a lifetime. Trial races will take place in the morning (9:00am) and in the evening (7:00pm) (reserved tickets are offered as an option). History is being witnessed in the 21 st century at the feverous Palio di Siena. There are no refunds if you are not able to stay over for the rescheduled race. Unlike the final race, there is not a parade or procession prior to any of the trial races; the entry time is therefore much later, recommended at 7:00pm pm. Free buffet available during the Palio dates; located Inside the historical city walls. For Grandstand reserved seating (depending on security measure in place) you are permitted to bring your own beverages in plastic bottles; possibly some light food is also permitted, but in either case these items cannot be carried in coolers or other large containers. Breakfast, free WiFi and hotel parking included. While most of the hotel/ticket packages are offered and priced for 3 nights; additional nights can be added. .. ” John A. First of all, the Palio of Siena is the traditional horse race and festival which have continued since 1147, with over 800 years story. The selection for the Contrada is naturally based on who runs (only 10 of the 17 Contrade are in any one race). Or if cancellation is made prior to March 1st, we can also offer to transfer the reservation (and its deposit or payments) to the either Palio race in the following year (subject to availability of hotels and tickets). The tickets –  we have booked will allow you to have the best view of the event. The practice/trial races (prova) can be interesting, and for visitors more a tool to understand how the Palio race is conducted, but the prova in no way can be considered an equal replacement for the final race. You cannot see the race or the historical parade that precedes it unless you are in a reserved ticket position or in the the center of the campo, where you can stand (possibly in the sun) for the 3 plus hours prior to the race. La visite guidée de Sienne. This activity is free, but obviously you will give way to any Contrada member before entering the church; the ‘in city’ parade begins after the hourse blessings; the historical parade begins in the campo just after 5:00pm (a little earlier in August); the historical parade lasts approx 2 hours; the race gets ready to begin after the parade is completed. We do have Private (or Shared) Window options in San Martino; because you have the comfort of the interior space, these tickets are located in each of the 4 areas. The tickets –  we have booked will allow you to have the best view of the event. This 17 century palazzo, restored to its original beauty, offers in-house restaurant and rooftop terrace and cozy wine bar. Credit Card payments are processed in USD currency and processed using a financial exchange rate based on market exchange rates at the time of the payment. The only 5-star hotel in Siena. Of the 3 evening races, the most typical choice is the last one on either July 1st or August 15th, known as the ‘prova generale’, given it precedes the Contrada dinner (Cena Prova Generale) held later in the evening. Ticket Delivery: Actual Palio Tickets for the race will be given to you in Siena; either at your hotel in Siena or a determined meeting point. Abonnez-vous pour les toutes dernières informations au sujet des évènements de Palio di Siena à venir. The Palio is one of the most awaited events of the Tuscan summer and the most famous horse race in Italy. Ticket Balcone Splendido: €420 per person. They take place in the early afternoon on the day of the Palio (approx 2:30pm) in the respective churches of each Contrada. Breakfast, free WiFi and hotel parking included. Our Palio Special Event Packages (“Package”) are NOT an Escorted Group Tour. Billets pour le Palio - First Choice. The city tour lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours and includes the major highlights of Siena, including the most unique part of the tour, a visit to one of the Contrada Museums. However, resale provisions are given in case of cancellations – please see our Terms and Conditions for further details in regard to Tickets and Package reservations for the Palio. 5 stars. Cancellations of any trial race, or the Contrada Dinner or City Tour due to weather conditions are not refundable. Classic Double rooms are included in our package; upgrades available subject to availability. Payments: For reservations made in the year prior to the Palio you wish to attend (i.e you wish to attend the July or August Palio of 2021 and reservation is made in 2020), a 40% deposit is required in order to confirm your hotel/ticket package reservation or 50% deposit for your Siena Apartment/Ticket or Villa/Ticket package reservation (“Deposit Reservations”). We have reserved Grandstand Seats in the Mossa, Casato and Fonte Gaia. Siena's Palio schedule. Palio de Sienne (Il Palio di Siena) Excursions Vous pourriez décrire le célèbre Palio de Sienne comme une course de chevaux, mais c’est tellement plus que cela. Le Palio de Sienne est une course équestre d'origine médiévale qui a lieu chaque année, le 2 juillet (Palio di Provenzano) et le 16 août (Palio dell'Assunta).

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